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Memoir: is digging up your lineage worth it?

This is so unique!!

First of all, #happypubday @barbarasantarelli @blackrosewriting @suzyapprovedbooktours
⚘Thankyou for bringing forth this wonderful #memoir

#truthsdaughter : Legacy of Divorce, A Memoir.

⚘This is the 2nd Memoir by the author & a fabulous one!

The author had been brought up by a single mother.. who shunned her husband & mother-in-law in front of her that they would detest them..but strangely it helped the author weave a creative imagination sourced out of the anecdotes..which were sometimes humorous, to say the least..
She last saw her father, when she was 3. The years were followed by a few letters & the author vividly explains his calligraphy..Ages later, when she herself was a mother, she receives news of death of her father, killed by a negro on an impulse..
There was neither a feeling of loss nor remorse..

But later..she becomes passionate about investigating her past, to come as close to facts, to her father & paternal family, as much as she could.. now when both her parents are no more & she herself is around 70, she explores her options but decides to dive into her past so that she can rest peacefully in her grave later..

What she finds is both shocking & other words..imperfect.. Imperfect people who were bad at relationships.. but still she chooses to remember them with their good stuff & forgives them for their imperfections..for being human.

⚘ This memoir taught me healing, forgiveness and moving on is so important in life & also, trying to fulfill any & every wish before we come to an end of this journey called life is sooooo crucial for our inner peace! After all, we have got only this 1 lifetime,  who knows what happens next..

Also I felt nostalgic & related to how, the words & stories our elders, family tell us..goes on to produce an almost real imaginative in our minds & our memory..

I would also like to mention the writing style of the author.. it’s witty, with pearls of sarcasm & humor dropped here and there & quite bubbling with life & energy! The vibe comes through!!

Definitely worth a read.

INR 449/- on kindle &
INR 2277/- for paperback
free on kindle unlimited!!

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