Wanna read a book about a common man questioning the self proclaimed proprietors of religion, today❓and talk about religion & it’s effects from partition till now❓ Read on then‼️

WHY CAN’T WE HELP OUR OWN PEOPLE❓..asks the #commonman @ibobbysachdeva  in his 2nd mind- boggling #book #oncetherewasme

His NARRATION is heartfelt & comes through as emotional & a naked truth‼️
The WRITING STYLE is raw & witty.

This book is a treasure house of so many emotions & DISCUSSES a lot of issues, in depth, ones which have bothered humanity for ages.

The author, constantly skips TIMELINES throughout the book but they have been merged & weaved effortlessly.

He TALKS of his personal experiences as a child, as a teenager & as an adult plus the ones that his father had narrated to him of the time during #partition

The book is an AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL a/c with a fictional ending.

It TALKS about partition, riots, Indira Gandhi Assassination, situation in #punjab esp. in #amritsar & #delhi , #sikhism #hinduism #religion self proclaimed religious gurus, #deras and of his father & his struggles during this uncertain period..of friendships & loyalty..blind faith, family, role of government, bullying, terrorism..etc

He poses a lot of QUESTIONS & even provides practical ANSWERS..


✍️It gave me GOOSEBUMPS, tears, laughter, nostalgia & food for thought ‼️

Although a THICK BOOK encompassing 419 pages, it took me even longer to finish it..to absorb & come to term with my emotions & the turmoil..after reading every few pages.

He rightly BELIEVES that the true meaning of religion is lost today..and aims at bringing a change in perception through his words.

Loved this book⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Here’s a little effort at reviving & learning from Punjabi Literature.

Have you heard the song 


Sung by #rabbishergill & enacted by #shahrukhkhan in the movie #jabtakhaijaan ❓‼️

Bulla ki jaana, is one of the most known Kafi poems written by the #punjabi #sufi #saint #bulleshah

KAFI ( #gurmukhi ) is a classical form of Sufi music, originating from the #punjab & #sindh regions in the #indiansubcontinent

Although a muslim..he preached that all religions taught only #humanity

ਨਾ ਰਬ ਤੀਰਥ, ਨਾ ਰਬ ਮਰੇ

Infact, he brought to light the shortcomings of those, self proclaimed guardians of religion, who manipulated religious sentiments acc. to their selfish interests & interpretations.

He belonged to a time when poets & saints revolted against injustice of the stringent religious preachers through their poems & words..

He said he is neither a Hindu, nor a Muslim but a child of the almighty.

His words hold relevance in all times & ages..

In the present times, especially, when each one is promoting his own religion over the other, READING & UNDERSTANDING poems & words of #bulleshah is of utmost importance.

He was a visionary who respected all religions.


This book & infact this post, is an attempt at bringing to light the principles & practices & beliefs of BULLE SHAH.

Part – 1️⃣


My name is most common in the Muslim Community.
I was born into a Sikh home.
I got married into a Hindu family.

I am not an atheist but I believe in only one God & respect all religions.


A stunning debut, an amazing Women Fiction READ.

✨4.5/5 ✨

Emotional, heartbreaking, and hopeful, NOWHERE NEAR GOODBYE is an EXCITING DEBUT, inspired from real life, in WOMEN’S FICTION. 

The choices we make..
The choices we regret….
拾Happy Pub Day
Available for INR 223/- @amazonkindle

251 pages, 54 chapters.

Welcome to the #booktour of
“NOwhere near goodBYE”
By @barbaraconrey
@rapublishing in association with @suzyapprovedbooktours ‼️
Nowhere Near Goodbye is a story of Family, Failure, and Second Chances..

It is FABULOUSLY WRITTEN, the language is so fresh & crisp, that there is NOT A SINGLE DULL MOMENT IN THE ENTIRE READ‼️

Emma & Kate are childhood buddies, Emma being the sensitive one.

Kate develops a kind of cancer which annihilates her..Emma promises, to find a cure someday.

She studies & becomes a successful  Oncologist & keeps herself busy in her research.
Meanwhile she is married to the love of her life, Tim. Due to certain complications, both of know beforehand that Emma would not be able to conceive.

But..as fate would have it..Emma concieves..
Now she is torn between her research, her career, her commitment & her family..

Kate’s father Ned constantly nudges her to focus on her research & fulfill her promise..
But Ned has a secret, and when Emma discovers what he’s been hiding, the foundation of her world cracks.

What happens next❓Will she keep the baby❓What will she choose❓Will she regret her choices later❓
A tear- jerker, an emotional turmoil of friendships, promises, love, family, deception, forgiveness, choices, regrets & second chances..

The author has perfectly dealt with quite a handful of issues here..

Post-partum period,
Choices a female is torn between- career & putting family first..
Expectations versus choices..
A perfect debut in Women Fiction Genre with an emotionally satisfying ending‼️
黎黎#qotd Is it right to expect a woman to keep family first always❓

from the author:
Books are like small children—it takes a village to raise them
from that very first spark of an idea until they reach the hands
of a reader…


Should we be held guilty & punish ourselves infinitely for our mistakes❓ To err is human, no⁉️

“We all make mistakes, have struggles and even regret things in our past..
You are not your mistakes,
you are not your struggles..
YOU are HERE now WITH the POWER to SHAPE your DAY and YOUR future‼️”

ETIQUETTE FOR RUNAWAYS: A NOVEL by @lizanashtaylor @blackstonepublishing brought to you today, in association with @suzyapprovedbooktours

A sweeping Jazz Age tale of REGRET, AMBITION, and REDEMPTION inspired by true events, including the Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935 and Josephine Baker’s 1925 Paris debut in Le Revue Nègre

The TITLE WILL BE AVAILABLE on 18th Aug.2020
INR 755.29/- @amazonkindle
$ 27.99/- @amazondotcom

336 pages; 48 chapters.

Here’s the storyline:

MAY MARSHALL, the protagonist gets herself expelled from her college, suffers a heartbreak. That’s her FIRST MISTAKE & lesson.
She comes to her father’s farm & joins his business, which she eventually finds out is illegal. Her friend BRYD tries to put some sense into her but still she joins it.
She has to hide herself, once the racket is busted & her father arrested. That’s her 2nd MISTAKE.
In an attempt to reinvent, re-establish herself in a new city, she ignores the vague lines of right & wrong. Her 3rd MISTAKE.
Her loyal friend, BYRD tries to reason with her again but she pushes him away. 4th MISTAKE.
Then she makes friends with addiction & depression. 5th MISTAKE.

“MAY” MUST MAKE A CHOICE: surrender to failure and addiction,
face the truth and make amends to those she has wronged.
But before that, she need to indulge in some self-forgiveness.
#qotd Do you forgive yourself easily for your mistakes❓and others❓❓ Do you believe in 2nd chances❓
1️⃣ Never ever give up on yourself‼️
2️⃣ Life is too precious..❤️
3️⃣ Always always convey your feelings…
❤️p.s : Do read the AUTHOR’S NOTE, it’s amazing ‼️
✨4.5/5 ✨


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