An inspiring story of a 12 year old girl.

This book #justreleased yesterday & its fabulous!!
I love it癩

THE WOODCARVERS DAUGHTER by @yonazeldismcdonough

It is 68 pages long but not a quick encompasses sooo much. A tiny packet with huge potential.

It’s basically of #middlegradefiction genre but I feel all can read it esp growing girls NEED to read it & get inspired!

The story begins with a 12 year old girl, Batya who is excited to go to a fair on her bday alongwith her father & siblings..she has missed going there for past 3 yrs due to some or the other reason..
The book ends too,on a fair but in a totally diff. setting & with a Hea.

Batya, is a fighter, a quick learner & a free spirit.

The family has to leave their home, in Russia due to the ongoing war going on between Russia, Germany & Austria. It felt so sad deciphering their emotions & sentiments.. Batya always wanted to change places with her brother, Avram , so that she could go to school & work under her father, learning wood carving..

Abram on the other hand is least interested in carrying on the family work.
How each of them struggle & find their place in life when they land in America, is a wonderful wonderful journey to follow.



हिन्दी poetry & शायरी.

My Hindi/ Vernacular lang. read for the month! I am so excited!!

It’s a #newrelease Sooo congratulations  to the author for his debut book
for writing ✍ in his mother tongue when Eng is a fad
for giving the proceeds for a social cause!

He believes,  he earns enough from his primary career & wants to give back to the society.
He dedicates this book to his mother.

Hamiasto: jo kahin, sab yahin.
नयी कविताएं और शायरियाँ ।

This book is around 120 pages , not a very quick read as the thoughts & writings need to be felt, understood & devoured at a relaxed pace.

The vibe of the book is:
emptying all the thoughts & feelings inside one’s heart & mind in the form of lyrical poetry & prose.

I respect & really liked the honesty in the portrayal of thoughts & the general feel- good vibe of the book.

Checkout the author’s handle @author_shankar & you will understand what am talking abt!
The positivity & calm, comes through.

I am glad, I journeyed through this book.

 The book encompasses 3 basic divisions;
1. Work based on mythology & devotion.
2. Based on love.
3. Thoughts of the author on General, ambiguous topics.

There are a few illustrations peppered throughout the book, to make it more reachable & absorbable.

Interestingly,  I liked the mytho section with write up on prayer, karma, societal welfare, real friendship etc.

The section on love had a beautiful concoction of thoughts. Lovely!

The last section had topics like  बहुत देर कर देता हू मैं, हिंदुस्तान का दिल, रंगमंच की दुनिया, Corona, religion, addiction, going back to the roots etc.

My fav. were रंगमंच की दुनिया, दिल के करीब शायरी ..

The emotions are heartfelt & come through effortlessly.
A must read for a poetry/ शायरी fan esp. one who likes हिन्दी literature. The lang. is easy & comprehendable.

My best wishes to the author esp. for being a philanthropist & doing the duty of a good Samaritan.


Margaret Atwood.

My 1st @therealmargaretatwood & i am soooo excited!!
 This tiny little beauty by @bloomsburypublishing caught me by surprise!


#qotd Have you read from the author’s work? If yes, which is your fav.?

 The “Bloomsbury Birthday Quids” are small editions of short stories by major writers, in a format and style of the “Bloomsbury Classics”.
Printed on high-quality paper, designed by Jeff Fisher, the books should become collectors’ items.

 This book is around 50 pages but is a piece of work which needs to be read at a calm pace, devouring every bit of it.
Its paperback but the pages are pretty thick.

 Although one may find the beginning a bit unsettling but THE END LEAVES ONE EMOTIONAL..
old age..aging parents.. old age diseases & discomforts..memory loss..failing body..ample time to pass..bewildered spouse finding it difficult to cope up with all of this..& almost helpless, busy children. Plus there’s a story within this story..

Have you ever wondered how lonely our aging parents can be?

 About The Author:
MARGARET ATWOOD, whose work has been published in over forty countries, is the author of more than fifty books of fiction, poetry, and critical essays. In addition to The Handmaid’s Tale, now a successful MGM-Hulu television series currently preparing its fourth season, her novels include Cat’s Eye, shortlisted for the Booker Prize; Alias Grace, which won the Giller Prize in Canada and the Premio Mondello in Italy; The Blind Assassin, winner of the 2000 Booker Prize; Oryx and Crake, shortlisted for the 2003 Booker Prize; The Penelopiad; The Heart Goes Last; Hag-seed; and The Testaments, a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, published in September, 2019. She lives in Toronto some of the time.

 The story related within this story maybe found in its original version,
The Lure Of The Labrador Wild
Dillon Wallace, published in 1905.

 I got this collector’s item from @book.chor .


Food Matters.

#readwithharpercollins CANCER is now the 4th leading cause of death in India. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO LOWER YOUR RISK?

FOOD MATTERS by Dr. Shubham Pant.
The Role Your Diet Plays In The Fight Against Cancer.

💢 Personal Experience:
My mil was the fittest in our family, that’s what I thought until she got diagnosed with breast cancer. It came as a shock and we stumbled to deal with it. She went ahead for the treatment with medications & surgery & we thought finally its over.
Around 1.5 years later, it resurfaced & she again had to go for surgery & medications & even chemo this time. Although we were better prepared w.r.t the know- how now but still it was a shock.
Thereafter, it was a emotionally, physically & mentally draining process. She is a bold woman & faced everything with utmost valour & grace.
From hairloss to loss of muscle mass, to lethargy & no taste in mouth, to constipation & is a tedious process.
Eventually she is returning to normal life with;
– proper nutritious diet,
– small & frequent meals,
– proper rest
– exercise like daily walks.

💢 The reason why I am sharing all this is, because I felt the book talks exactly what we went through & more.
Everyone doesnot need to go through it to learn.
PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE. Although the exact cause if cancer cannot be ascertained but it is assumed to be a lifestyle disease.

This book is written by Dr. Shubham Pant who is well versed with this field.
He focuses on some mundane sol.ns to PREVENT cancer. He explains the link between diet & cancer & also provides some easy recipes to inculcate in our diet.

This ~ 200 pg book is divided into 3 broad parts;
1 Diet & Cancer Prevention.
2 Eating Healthy during Cancer Therapy.
3 Surviving Cancer.
The before, during & after of cancer care.

💢 genre: health/ non- fiction.
It adds great value, has insights from real life experiences, easy language, simple changes which we can make in our diet & lifestyle, gives data & stats plus busts some myths like superfoods & forwards/ messages which go viral w/out proper authentication about cancer/ diet & much more.

💢 Worth your time 4.5/5.

In Food Matters: The Role Your Diet Plays in the Fight Against Cancer, Dr Shubham Pant asks you to ‘focus on the mundane solutions’. Oncologist at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, he recommends eating a good diet, staying a healthy weight and other lifestyle interventions to keep cancer at bay. Citing case studies, Dr Pant also suggests how patients diagnosed with and recovering from cancer can best manage their nutritional needs.

Intensively researched and featuring simple and delicious recipes, Food Matters tells you everything that you need to know about cancer and diet.

About the Author

Dr Shubham Pant is a professor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. 


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