Should we be held guilty & punish ourselves infinitely for our mistakes❓ To err is human, no⁉️

“We all make mistakes, have struggles and even regret things in our past..
You are not your mistakes,
you are not your struggles..
YOU are HERE now WITH the POWER to SHAPE your DAY and YOUR future‼️”

ETIQUETTE FOR RUNAWAYS: A NOVEL by @lizanashtaylor @blackstonepublishing brought to you today, in association with @suzyapprovedbooktours

A sweeping Jazz Age tale of REGRET, AMBITION, and REDEMPTION inspired by true events, including the Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935 and Josephine Baker’s 1925 Paris debut in Le Revue Nègre

The TITLE WILL BE AVAILABLE on 18th Aug.2020
INR 755.29/- @amazonkindle
$ 27.99/- @amazondotcom

336 pages; 48 chapters.

Here’s the storyline:

MAY MARSHALL, the protagonist gets herself expelled from her college, suffers a heartbreak. That’s her FIRST MISTAKE & lesson.
She comes to her father’s farm & joins his business, which she eventually finds out is illegal. Her friend BRYD tries to put some sense into her but still she joins it.
She has to hide herself, once the racket is busted & her father arrested. That’s her 2nd MISTAKE.
In an attempt to reinvent, re-establish herself in a new city, she ignores the vague lines of right & wrong. Her 3rd MISTAKE.
Her loyal friend, BYRD tries to reason with her again but she pushes him away. 4th MISTAKE.
Then she makes friends with addiction & depression. 5th MISTAKE.

“MAY” MUST MAKE A CHOICE: surrender to failure and addiction,
face the truth and make amends to those she has wronged.
But before that, she need to indulge in some self-forgiveness.
#qotd Do you forgive yourself easily for your mistakes❓and others❓❓ Do you believe in 2nd chances❓
1️⃣ Never ever give up on yourself‼️
2️⃣ Life is too precious..❤️
3️⃣ Always always convey your feelings…
❤️p.s : Do read the AUTHOR’S NOTE, it’s amazing ‼️
✨4.5/5 ✨


Have you ever related to a bookish character & adored it preciously❓

吏This book, gave me, a relatable character, in the form of the protagonist ICELYN.

She is fierce, she’s mature, she’s innocent, loyal, wild & most of all she’s a free bird- who loves nature & freedom‼️


Written by @jasonsethlatshaw
Published by Fernweh Books in United States
July, 2015.

#qotd Do you like to read a standalone book or a series❓
#aotd I prefer to read series only when I have all the parts‼️

508 pgs, 154 chapters- it’s a thick book but d amaziiiiiing Narrative makes it a PAGE TURNER‼️

It is fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, YA,  dystopian all rolled into one‼️
Here’s the STORYLINE:

ICELYN is 17yrs old, daughter of the head of the MOUNTAIN ️ TOP.
She is supposed to marry  RINCAS sometime later but she is least interested in him.
She is always absorbed in some or the other adventure with ADORANE, her childhood friend.
The story talks about clans, class diversification, privileges &  perks based on strata in society..

SO MountainTop is the peak of a mountain where this small population of people from the BRATHIUS legacy live.
They are forbidden to go below a certain level, where an age old wall is built, for protection.
There’s ultra  bears, ultra 女 lions & more danger looming down‼️

Adorane takes Icelyn beyond the wall, in a fun adventure but what they saw there…leaves em running uphill for their life‼️

The ppl on the mountain top survive mostly on the water pumped from the resources downhill..& now they suspect someone has poisoned the water there.

Who will go to see what is the cause & rectify it❓
More than the danger looming..there’s more to this story..

Ample Mystery, magic, adventure & the TASTE OF FREEDOM.


Read the book, if you wanna enjoy a perfectly written script‼️

I am now READIng the next in the series.

❤Q- will I buy the paperback version of the book?
A- yesssss

朗I feel, all that this book needs is a beautiful embossed, foiled, hardcover.


Saahi & Sudhir- a beautiful story of friendship, love & relationships- in HINDI.

“तुम्हें मिलने से तुम्हें पाने तक, तुम्हें पाने से तुम्हें खोने तक का सफ़र, हाथ से नहीं छूटा, क्योंकि तुम मुझ में और मैं तुम में कहीं न कहीं बाकी थे ।”

#qotd Do you like to read books in your mother toungue ⁉️
#aotd I am trying to include atleast 1 book in my monthly reading栗

First & foremost,
Many congratulations  to the author @yogita for writing such a DESCRIPTIVE & EXPRESSIVE debut Novel full of emotions, explained vividly throughout.

There are two narratives, one by Saahi & other by Sudhir.

It begins with the timeline going 7 years back, to give a brief up on the background story.

Then it comes back to the present & the story continues..

It finally ends with a skip forward of 1 year.

The ending is an open ending where the author hints explicitly at a sequel.

There are beautiful poems peppered throughout the read.

The story is fabulously expressed, quality of paper is also good.

There’s negligible use of eng words, here & there.

The font could have been slightly bigger & there is scope for better editing becoz the concept & the story & especially the author’s ways of tackling Emotions is way awesome, so why lose coz of average editing‼️

Here’s the story‼️

Sudhir, an only child of working parents, was very intelligent but an introvert during his school days.

Saahi, his new neighbour & classmate helps him overcome his inhibitions & work towards his goal in life.

Sudhir is very creative, saahi probes him to concentrate on his art..

Saahi wants to become a writer when she grows up.

They have a very close bond of friendship throughout school days.

Then tragedy strikes, saahi’s parents die in a car crash & her uncle takes her with him to America.
In the meanwhile, sudhir’s grandma had expired & so he was also not in town.

The two couldn’t meet & for the next 7 years they long for each other, become successful professionals & realise their friendship was more than friendship.

Eventually Saahi locates Sudhir but doesn’t meet him due to various fears & insecurities..

The emotions & the turmoil is beautifully explained right from the school days till the end

Will they be able to meet, express their feelings & have a HEA⁉️
Read the book to know more‼️

As the author has hinted at a sequel, I will be eagerly waiting to indulge in the same‼️

MORE Power to #hindiliterature ‼️

2020 Life in the eye of the storm.

READ this book if you want to read something completely RELEVANT & PRAGMATIC in the current situation/scenario‼️

Welcome to 2020.
This year, till now, has been a true RoLLeRcOaStEr..
we all can’t agree more to the statement, sadly..

Rail service is stopped..
Air travel is minimised..
Caller tunes of our phones have been changed..
We wear masks, if we go out..
We are home quarantined..
Work from home is the new normal..
Kids haven’t been to school for months..
Human interactions are minimised..
There was a mass lockdown..not at regional or state or national level..BUT affecting the entire world‼️

With minimal physical activity, mental stress, insecure future..we all are but naturally expected to feel down & exhausted..

OBJECTIVE of this book: this book by Dr. Vinay Bansal, aims to help us, the readers with the right mindset and techniques to pass every storm with calmness, peace and patience…

Not taxing on our time & mind: It is a QUICK read, only 9 chapters & 40 pages long‼️

The book has COLOURED ILLUSTRATIONS for vibrancy & easy absorption of concepts, SIMPLE but AMAZING EXAMPLES for explanation, the PAPER QUALITY is also good.

The concepts & techniques have been explained very tactfully, in a very engaging, effective but simple format.

In the end…the author says..

this book has been written to provide the readers with the right mindset & techniques to achieve calmness during these restless times.
A thought provoking, practical, engaging, self-help guide.

Thankyou @drvinaybansal for writing this book, it is very helpful & effective.


#2020 #drvinay #spirituality #2020_book

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