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This is my 2nd read from the author’s work & also exploring & widening my reading preferences, happily.
Genre: Romance 18+
Kiss Me In The Wilds: Steamy, Adventure Romance 
Mariyam Hasnain.
🌸 Did you read something romantic, this month? Enemies to lovers OR friends to lovers? Do you like watching reality shows?

206 pages.
A NRI, jobless and boyfriend- less ( just had a breakup) in America but with a few real friends. She feels her life is screwed and she needs an escape.
She has a crush on a reality show host..which her friends know about.
To give her a breather, they convince her to apply for the show & participate, which is in India.
She would probably get to meet her crush plus have a cool getaway. A win-win deal & she reluctantly agrees!
What happens next is a perfect rollercoaster!
Will she get to meet her celebrity crush?
Can they form a pair?
Or maybe the stars have something else in store for her?
Can she find true love?
Why did her ex leave her?
What abt the show, how long can she manage in it?
Also, there will be enough supporting characters to keep the story engaging & spicy!
I liked it!!
“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” ~ Wordsworth

While the world recovers from the aftermath of the pandemic, Manjeet Brar has her issues to deal with. She loses her job. Not only this, but her boyfriend also dumps her. To draw herself away from the misery of life, she starts watching reality TV. Soon, she develops a crush on the host of one of the shows.

Her recent crush on the host of the Wild Tuskers show helps her nurse her broken heart. But this virtual fascination sparks a new desire. She wants to meet the real Roshan Jaysingh.

Would a wildcard option to participate in the show tantalizing enough to lure this New Yorker to India? Is Roshan Jaysingh the man of Manjeet’s dream? Her prince charming. Her knight in the shining armour or is there someone else made for her…

Someone whose sight is repulsive enough to cause her glaucoma.
Someone self-centred, self-loving, and self-absorbed package of sheer arrogance.
Someone who gives her all the reasons to shed the mask of civility and follow her instincts.
Someone who makes her skin crawl, and at the same time, breathe with feelings unknown to her?

The one who is as hot as hell. And the one who breaks all the walls and gets under Manjeet’s skin.



Life Unknown. a travelogue.


All of us are WANDERERS, but are we all SEEKERS??
I believe, a few of us are..who are seeking the purpose of their life..while the rest are running in a race clueless and directionless.
This is the 2nd book by @kartikeyaladha : a social media influencer, an author, a wanderer and a seeker.
Book 1 Dreams Beyond Shadows: no ordinary tourist.
GENRE: Non Fiction, Travelogue & i would add, Spirituality.
Pages: 400+
In continuity, with the theme of his previous book, the author follows his calling & travels through the length & breath of India, seeking the unending discovery of self.
The book is divided into 3 parts:
Part 1: Return to Motherland:
I felt the pace is slow here. It’s around 150 pages. The author leaves his American dream & follows his heart. He comes back to India, travels to Leh, Ladakh, to Phuktal monastery & back to leh. Like a solo traveller, like a being on fire, who is seeking the unknown, he travels on bare essentials..following his spirit as a guide. He meets lots of people on the way, learn his lessons..& also decides to pen down his previous journey in the Amazon jungle, in the form of a book.
Throughout, I was wondering, how can one leave everything & travel & wander w/out money.. The outdoor answers this question later, in the book, that irrespective of whatever immaterial you are seeking, one needs money for basic survival & he found his calling, to pen down his experiences of his travels in the form of a book.
Part 2: A Time of Anonymity:
Here the pace picks up. It’s around 120 pgs.He returns to his family , back to the life he had left behind. His family & friends coarse him to get back to family business, to the materialistic life which a normal human being lives but after trying, the author finally refuses & takes the plunge forward.
Here he seriously decides to publish his 1st book but faces humongous hurdles..Out of the blue, he makes up his mind to walk from Kanyakumari, covering the vast country, on foot.
Part 3: The Nameless Walk:
The most exciting part of the book, happens here. Around 130 pgs, its fast paced.
He makes a name for himself, becomes popular, learns more of his life lessons & eventually his debut book comes out & becomes an Amazon bestseller. He’s a popular social media influencer too, now.
💜”When will humans understand that nothing we’ve accomplished in this relative world is real? We fight about things that won’t matter once we die. So, why are we busy fighting among ourselves while being attached to our imaginary creations‐ whatever they might be?”
🙋‍♀️I loved going through the author’s raw experiences.. the emotions..the thoughts. Also the author has scattered his opinion, on almost all matters possible, served generously on a platter.. There are monotone pictures to add to the feel of the entire experience.
I suggest a (road)map too, for greater clarity.
💢Who should read this?
Anyone seeking enlightenment, answers to life’s questions, who is ready for a slow to moderate paced read..



An interactive session with the author of “Together We Were (W) hole”.

Author Interview: Ms. Namrata Gupta.

  • Please introduce yourself.

  • A: I am an English Literature graduate from Hans Raj College, Delhi University and have completed my post-graduation in Masters of Business Administration from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi. I reside in New Delhi. My poems were published in national newspapers like Punjab Kesari when I was ten. My write-up has been published in Hindustan Times. I have academic scholarships awarded by CBSE to my name.
  • I have authored three popular novels, A Silent Promise (2015), The Full Circle… Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery (2018) and Together We Were (W)hole (2020). My books have won many hearts. A Silent Promise, a readers’ favorite, was launched by Mr. Petko Doykov, the Ambassador of Bulgaria to India. The book was also released by Mr. Sudhir Mishra (Indian film director) at Gurgaon International Film and Literature Festival, held at DLF Cyber Hub (2015), where a reading session was also conducted for the book. The Full Circle… Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery was best ranked #26 in Crime, Thriller and Mystery and #33 in Contemporary Romance on Amazon. Together We Were (W)hole (2020) was recently ranked #1 In Romantic Suspense and #2 in Crime, Thriller and Mystery on Amazon.

  • I want to make an immutable influence on the minds of the readers through my writing. I love travelling and exploring new things.

  • How did you end up becoming an author?

  • A: I loved writing since I was a kid. I used to write poems and articles for national newspapers and school magazines. I loved English Literature. I was always fascinated by it and found my escape in it. My poems were published in national newspapers like Punjab Kesari when I was ten. So when I started writing poems, I found myself travelling to a completely different world. The love for such travel increased to a point where I created my own different world and hence ended up writing novels. Love for Literature and flights of fantasy, which writing allows you to have, made me a writer.

  • Your third book has recently been released. What is “Together we were (W)hole” all about?

  • A: Together We Were (W)hole is a Romance Thriller. It is a tale of vengeance amidst distorted personal relationships, misunderstandings and masked identities set in a business environment of deceit, power plays and games. Sanaya has looked into the heart of betrayal and managed to stay alive after a perceived emotional and physical battle with someone she cared deeply about. She has risen from the ashes like a phoenix for one purpose, to seek revenge against the man who betrayed her trust and left her to die. There is romance, suspense, lies, deception, misunderstandings, betrayal, revenge, deceit, power plays within the narrative. The plot has business partnerships, corporate life, a warm love affair and thirst for vengeance.

  • Can you throw some light on your previous works?

  • A: A Silent Promise (2015) is about the journey of a youngster, Avantika, towards finding herself and the purpose of her life after an initial setback. She meets a person who helps her find the true meaning of life, only to be tricked by destiny. It is through the trials and tribulations she faces that she grows, becomes stronger and matures. The book also questions social conventions and touches upon social issues like the question of real blood. The story is empowering in its own way. Besides, the book also keeps suggesting to the readers the impending doom, the game that is played by destiny later in the book. So the entire aura of the end is kicked off from the beginning itself, which is one of the things I liked introducing in my debut novel itself.
  • My second book, The Full Circle… Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery (2018) is a Romantic Thriller. The book captures the story of a traveler, who on his journey to finding a ‘home’, ‘home’ in the spiritual sense of the word, becomes a part of various stories and helps people in his own way. The book breaks stereotypes at many levels and questions ‘settlement’ as being related to ‘fixedness’. The concept of a ‘home’ is shifted from the physical domain to the spiritual one and the book asserts that home doesn’t necessarily has to be a place. Home can be a person too. The book opens up in Darjeeling, where Aditya meets Zinnia while staying as a tenant in her mother’s house. As the narrative progresses, he stumbles upon a devastating secret about Zinnia’s past that turns her life upside down. The past and the present merge beautifully as they uncover the truth behind her past.

  • How long did it take you to write this book?

  • A: It took me a month.
  • What is the most difficult part in the process of writing a book, as per you?

  • A: I think it would be doing justice to the depiction of the characters in the book. So, for example, in Together We Were (W)hole, Mr. Kashyap’s character is shaped by his traumas, insecurities, ridicule he was subjected to and thus, he wears a mask in public to hide the loneliness deep within him.
    Similarly, after looking into the heart of betrayal, Sanaya is completely transformed to right the wrongs done to her. Yet deep in her heart, she yearns to go back to old times and to her unfiltered self. Siddharth runs from his own emotions in the book. In running from his feelings, he showcases a variety of shades and at times, contradictory traits within him.
    So I would say that sewing the past experiences of characters and where they come from within the narrative, while justifying their present complexities as rooting from the past or being a result of various psychological and socio-cultural influences, and at the same time keeping those intact and running along in the narrative requires efforts from the writer’s end. Plus, they also have to grow as persons within the story and that too has to be highlighted, keeping their integrity intact, without them coming out as whimsical, if they’re not supposed to.

  • Anything you would want your readers to know?

A: Readers, you guys are my support system. You keep me going and make me so happy! Thank you very much for supporting me. Your messages mean a lot to me. I am blessed to be able to reach out to all of you through my books. Please keep supporting me always.



Love is in the air! ❤

A perfect pick for Romantic February!!

Just released: January 26, 2021

The Cupid’s Fall Series: Book 1 


Immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially for the 3,375-year-old virgin of Mount Olympus.
Cupid’s coddled, humdrum existence takes a sharp turn for the worse when his mischievous aim sends a love-tipped arrow into the wrong rump, and the God of Love gets a taste of his own medicine.

Banished from Mount Olympus, Cupid plunges to Earth and lands in present-day Tarra, Indiana, where mortals go on about their daily routines, oblivious to the capricious gods stirring the pot from above.
Delighted to discover his wings and pubescent pudge have transformed into an impressive human form, Cupid swiftly leaves his virginity behind.
His carnal spree is cut short when he falls passionately in love for the first time in his
immortal life, and the full measure of his punishment becomes clear: he must find the Right Love match for the mortal he desperately loves, and then he must let her go.

To fulfill his divine mission, Cupid must survive the violent throes of his own coming of age while battling the powerful gods conspiring against him.

FIRST QUIVER explores the meaning of love with an irreverent, contemporary take on classical mythology and the original dysfunctional family.

‍♀️My take:
Love is such a fabulous emotion.
With it twists and turns, it forms a rollercoaster  ride.

What if, the love God, the Cupid, who enjoys watching mortals suffer in this sweet pain called Love, has to bear all these emotions himself, life a mortal.

The emotions are not only of pain, sadness and longingness but he gets to relish ecstacy and the pleasures of the humble mortal being狼

Book 1 of this series, sure brings in loads of entertainment with love, true friendships & some humor.A perfect read for the coming season when love is at an all time high, in the air!

Although 44 chapters, it is one quick read due to its fast pace and entertainment quotient.

Book 2 of the Cupid’s Fall Series : INTO THE QUIET is expected to come in Spring 2021.




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