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How do you know, he is “the one”?

‘What a lovely and REAL read- so relatable!…
I just couldn’t put this one down’
#thelword by @aasthaatraybanan ( currently editor of @sundaymidday, has been a journalist for 19yrs, has a fab #podcast #loveaajkal on @spotifyindia & has written- released 4 original songs! Also has written- published 4 romance fiction bks.)
This is her 1st non- fiction book.
I looooved this book ! It surpassed my expectations & therefore,  caused such delight!

a must read for TEENAGERS,  People in a relationship  & even Married ones!!
It will help in giving you clarity of thought & clear the clutter & confusion.
A very PRAGMATIC & Systematically Formatted read.

It discusses #LOVE right from the dating apps to how to avoid heartbreak & ghosting to finding out if u r in a secret relationship.
At every instance, Aastha puts in a story for better understanding,  pointers for ease & quotes a load of facts, journals & studies.

I also like the fact that she understands relationships like an expert, giving practical advice at every turn.

⚘a valuable tip:
Speak your heart, and the rest will follow.
If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.

There are extensive writeups on topics like sex, faking love, psychos/ Mr & Mrs wrongs, consent, porn..explained brilliantly with the help of stories n examples.

The topics include.. How can we be sure if he’s the One, gaslighting, cheating, toxic relationships, red flags, importance of economic independence,  how to move on, power of affirmations, long distance relationships & finally marriage, divorce & being single is not a sin..& many more.

⚘if issues are not addressed, they will raise their ugly head again, for sure.

I have highlighted & marked the book at numerous places, it’s that good!!

To conclude, I would say, KNOW YOUR WORTH & be economically independent.
163 pgs of pure experience & wisdom. LOVE is never bad.
‘A fun, cheeky and thoughtful exploration of the pleasures and perils of being in love in lndia’.



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a book addict who loves to share her view about what she reads!

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