Life Unknown. a travelogue.

#bookreview All of us are WANDERERS, but are we all SEEKERS??.I believe, a few of us are..who are seeking the purpose of their life..while the rest are running in a race clueless and directionless…This is the 2nd book by @kartikeyaladha : a social media influencer, an author, a wanderer and a seeker.Book 1 Dreams BeyondContinue reading “Life Unknown. a travelogue.”

An interactive session with the author of “Together We Were (W) hole”.

Author Interview: Ms. Namrata Gupta. Please introduce yourself. A: I am an English Literature graduate from Hans Raj College, Delhi University and have completed my post-graduation in Masters of Business Administration from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi. I reside in New Delhi. My poems were published in national newspapers like Punjab Kesari whenContinue reading “An interactive session with the author of “Together We Were (W) hole”.”

Love is in the air! ❤

A perfect pick for Romantic February!! Just released: January 26, 2021 The Cupid’s Fall Series: Book 1  FIRST QUIVER- a novelbyBETH C. GREENBERG. Synopsis:Immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially for the 3,375-year-old virgin of Mount Olympus.Cupid’s coddled, humdrum existence takes a sharp turn for the worse when his mischievous aim sendsContinue reading “Love is in the air! ❤”

dopehri BY Pankaj Kapur.

#readwithharpercollins#dopehri by #pankajkapur @harperperennial @HarperCollins#TRANSLATED from the Hindustan by @rahulsoni_____✅ DOPEHRI is dedicated to all those people WHO FORGOT THEMSELVES IN THE PASS OF TIME AND AGE, AND RELATIONSHIPS… DOPEHRI- a noontime tale- was 1st published in a journal, then performed on stage (more than 50 shows) & is now printed as a book. ✍Continue reading “dopehri BY Pankaj Kapur.”

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