Pre order now! A cozy mystery.

A DEADLY DISCOVERYby@j.c.kenney Releases 19th Jan. 2021____ ❤️ Do you believe the world’s not as it seems & do you love to attentively & keenly observe people❓  Are you an #agathachristie fan❓ 濾  Do you love a cozy mystery❓  If ans to any of these is a yes, READ ON!_____ This one isContinue reading “Pre order now! A cozy mystery.”


During the day I don’t believe in ghosts.. At night, I am a little more open-minded! THE TALES OF UNEARTHLY ENCOUNTERSby@deepnaskar_ @24by7publishing 🕳 118 pages, 11 short stories. 🌸 Do you like to read/ watch paranormal/ horror/ fantasy fiction❓ If yes, then you are in for a treat! 🕳 These short stories had me glued!Continue reading “HORROR, PARANORMAL FICTION”

Food and faith.

Genre: Food & Spirituality.#readwithharpercollins_____FOOD AND FAITH explores the powerful yet intimate intertwining of food with faith, history, myth and identity. A very interesting combination, indeed. FAITH in general, gives us strength, irrespective of the religion we belong to, or the teachings we follow. The author, visits 15 pilgrimage or iconic places of worship in India.Continue reading “Food and faith.”

The Butterfly 🦋Effect

曆IMAGINE yourself in a dome.. With a beautiful sunrise, the space starts getting warm anddd.. 300 butterflies awaken from the crevices of rocks, floor, greenery..COLOURS  & MUSIC 曆COLOURS LIVING… ✨Magic✨________THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT is an UNCONVENTIONAL tale of SELF-DISCOVERY, NAVIGATING RELATIONSHIPS, and how sometimes it takes stepping outside of our comfort zone to find whatContinue reading “The Butterfly 🦋Effect”

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