Your reputation precedes you.

🦜ChOoSe:1. Have you heard the saying, “your reputation precedes you”?2. Did you ever feel the need for support/ guidance at the beginning of your career or when passing out of college?3. Do you laugh it off & feel you were childish & immature in those early years, when you had just begun work?4. Do youContinue reading “Your reputation precedes you.”

Another feather, onto my comfort-read books category.

All the characters that you see in the pic are symbolic of the characters in this book 📖!!WELCOME to the #booktour of LEGEND OF THE LOST ASS- a novel, by @_kaws_ Am I glad to be on this tour, noooo am just so happpy abt it!!Am just back, from a long journey/ trip/ travel &Continue reading “Another feather, onto my comfort-read books category.”

An inspiring story of a 12 year old girl.

This book #justreleased yesterday & its fabulous!!I love it癩 THE WOODCARVERS DAUGHTER by @yonazeldismcdonough It is 68 pages long but not a quick encompasses sooo much. A tiny packet with huge potential. It’s basically of #middlegradefiction genre but I feel all can read it esp growing girls NEED to read it & get inspired!____Continue reading “An inspiring story of a 12 year old girl.”

हिन्दी poetry & शायरी.

My Hindi/ Vernacular lang. read for the month! I am so excited!! It’s a #newrelease Sooo congratulations  to the author for his debut book+for writing ✍ in his mother tongue when Eng is a fad+for giving the proceeds for a social cause! He believes,  he earns enough from his primary career & wants toContinue reading “हिन्दी poetry & शायरी.”

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