Equations- like family but not quite..

#readwithharpercollins #newrelease a fabulous #debut #equations = like family, but not quiteby @shivanisibal ❤I loved it!!More than the story, it’s the “execution ” that I totally adored. The reading experience & the insight i gained was precious.______■ Around 200 pgs (13 chapters), the entire read is divided into two parts. Fast paced & a quickContinue reading “Equations- like family but not quite..”

Memoir: is digging up your lineage worth it?

This is so unique!! First of all, #happypubday @barbarasantarelli @blackrosewriting @suzyapprovedbooktours⚘Thankyou for bringing forth this wonderful #memoir #booktour#truthsdaughter : Legacy of Divorce, A Memoir. ⚘This is the 2nd Memoir by the author & a fabulous one! The author had been brought up by a single mother.. who shunned her husband & mother-in-law in front ofContinue reading “Memoir: is digging up your lineage worth it?”

How do you know, he is “the one”?

‘What a lovely and REAL read- so relatable!…I just couldn’t put this one down’#malaikaarora——#readwithharpercollins#thelword by @aasthaatraybanan ( currently editor of @sundaymidday, has been a journalist for 19yrs, has a fab #podcast #loveaajkal on @spotifyindia & has written- released 4 original songs! Also has written- published 4 romance fiction bks.)This is her 1st non- fiction book.——-IContinue reading “How do you know, he is “the one”?”

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