GENRE: Ghost Fiction; Mystery & Detective/ Women Sleuths; Thrillers/ Suspense.

57 chapters, 250 pages.

#qotd  Does the name “Annabelle” ring a bell?
Do you like, a bit of spookiness, in your reads❓
The story begins in 1794. The story of CLARINDA TRELAWNEY BRAXTON.
In parallel, a story of SYLVIE ANDRUS & her 9 year old son JASON is also running, in the year 2001.
Both the stories run in consecutive chapters till they amalgamate together to end in the year 2015.

But how? And why❓
The town of RIVERTON holds many mysteries in its womb. Slyvie is trying to settle down with Jason, after a fresh divorce. She misses NED ANDRUS, her husband.
The ghost in her current house, exploits this emotion for his motive. He masks himself as Ned & she just cannot resist the familiarity & comfort.

Who is this ghost & what does he want❓
Sylvie is writing a book, on Clarinda, on her sudden, mysterious disappearance.. A painter, an artist, an enigma, a beauty..of the bygone era.

How does the ghost relate to all this❓
Jason fears the ghost & is not fooled by him. In fact he fights for his life, when he gets almost drowned. But Sylvie doesnot listen.
It’s as if, she’s POSSESSED.

As if, someone is whispering something in her ears & she’s typing like a robot..
Is this ghost harmful❓Are all of them related somehow❓Does this story have a higher purpose/ ending, than what it seems now❓

Read on & you will be pleasantly surprised.
The ending sure leaves you satiated & relieved & happy.

P. S. : You sure get some lessons to ward away ghosts, on the way!

Published by noorthebookworm

a books' addict who loves to share her view about what she reads!

9 thoughts on “Possession.

  1. Lovely review! Annabelle is still new to me, but if we are talking ghosts, I’m pretty sure I have a spirit of sorts living in my house XD


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