#justreleased #womenfiction #family JUDGE’S GIRLS by SHARINA HARRIS.

THREE very DIFFERENT women.Only one thing in common.But when their FAMILY PATRIARCH DIES and they must share his estate, the truths they discover will test them—and everything they think they know about each other.______#qotd Have you ever OBSERVED, we are all BONDED with our inner circle/ first primary family & even relatives, THROUGH OUR PARENTS?Continue reading “#justreleased #womenfiction #family JUDGE’S GIRLS by SHARINA HARRIS.”


“Shrewdly articulated . . . thought-provoking and well-documented”–_____________#qotd People have stopped wearing masks & are crossing all borders of social distancing.Is the pandemic over?How can we come back to normal, so soon?When will we learn our lessons??__________PANDEMIC- tracking contagions, from cholera to corona viruses & beyondbySONIA SHAH. pandemic: from the Greek pan “all” + dēmosContinue reading “Pandemic”

A beautiful piece of art from the 19th century. Translated now.

#readwithharpercollins #dhumketu RATNO DHOLI- The Best Stories Of Dhumketu. ✨Originally published in Gujarati as;“Dhumketu Ni Tunki Vartao”. ✨Now translated from the Gujarati by @jennybhatt0 Jenny Bhatt is a writer, translator, bookreviewer, podcast host. ✨Prior to ” Dhumketu”, Gaurishankar Govardhanram Joshi, used various “nom de plumes” like Vihaar, Paagal. ✨One of the foremost writers in GujaratiContinue reading “A beautiful piece of art from the 19th century. Translated now.”

Those delicious letters

THOSE DELICIOUS LETTERSbySANDEEPA MUKHERJEE DATTA@bongmom_cookbook@harpercollinsin_____________#qotd❤️ Have you ever received Inland Letters?This COVER is amazing & very close to my heart. It brought back beautiful memories of my communication with my grandpa in the USA. Email wasn’t that common in those days, & we had so much to share, so we sent each other long longContinue reading “Those delicious letters”

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