A beautiful piece of art from the 19th century. Translated now.

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RATNO DHOLI- The Best Stories Of Dhumketu.

✨Originally published in Gujarati as;
“Dhumketu Ni Tunki Vartao”.

✨Now translated from the Gujarati by @jennybhatt0

Jenny Bhatt is a writer, translator, bookreviewer, podcast host.

✨Prior to ” Dhumketu”, Gaurishankar Govardhanram Joshi, used various “nom de plumes” like Vihaar, Paagal.

✨One of the foremost writers in Gujarati & a pioneer of short story form. (1892- 1965).
 This work of art, is an culmination of 26 short stories, each a treat to experience the deep nuances of human behaviour.

✨There’s variety in terms of range & it focuses on different strata of people.

✨Major of the stories are set in rural Gujarat.

✨Even after translation, there are certain vernacular words which have been retained & for that, there’s a glossary of gujarati terms, at the end.

✨There’s a separate space demarcated on the page, to give a brief background of the topic in discussion, wherever needed.

 The stories, are simple to say the least, coming from deep observation of the human nature but the highlight is the writing style, with use of metaphors & detailed, descriptive narration.

Irrespective of the time, when this piece was first written, the reader can totally be in tandem with the emotions.

There are emotions which leave your heart heavy, a bygone era, life lessons, humour, relationships, faith, music, societal problems, corruption, unemployment, caste, religion, love, hurt, rumour…
I don’t feel, there’s any emotion not dealt with here.

This work will always be special.

Indebted to good translators for bringing forth such forgotten work.


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