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New Book Release: Fear of God. (Genre: Thriller).

#fearofgod#newbook #justreleased on 24th Jan.2020 by @treeshadebooks Choose your #qotd#qotd Do you know the meaning of “Vigilantism”❓ #qotdindia Did you enjoy Akshay Kumar’s movie Gabbar is back❓ What’s your take on it❓ #qotd Do you enjoy reading #thrillerbooks❓ #aotd “Vigilante justice” often describes the actions of a single person or group of people who claim toContinue reading “New Book Release: Fear of God. (Genre: Thriller).”


Perspective in visuals. An anthology book.

PERSPECTIVE IN VISUALS. Tripod Stories TM Tagline: 100 Realms of 100 writers. An BRILLIANT anthology compiled by Mr. Aditya Jain( Founder and CEO, Tripod Stories TM).Published by Evince Pub Publishing in December 2019, this book is available in both Paperback and eBook format. Let’s understand the Title first.What is PERSPECTIVE?One’s perspective is the way oneContinue reading “Perspective in visuals. An anthology book.”

THE GRAND master & other Short stories.

#qotd What comes to your mind when your hear the word “grandmaster”❓  Never judge someone by the way he looks or a book by the way it’s covered;For inside those tattered pages,there a lot to be discovered. I believe the writing style & the language can be gauged by the way the PREFACE isContinue reading “THE GRAND master & other Short stories.”

Love letters with spelling mistakes. 8 short stories.

#loveletterswithspellingmistakes #qotdHave you ever written a (love) letter❓ Have you preserved any such letter/s❓ The TITLE is so so mind matter how hard you try, you cannot unmask the plot of this book. This same strategy has been utilised in the titles of the 8 short stories in the book. One cannot, in itsContinue reading “Love letters with spelling mistakes. 8 short stories.”