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IT’S YOU AFTERWARDS: Recognising the best in you (Prose -self help book 1) by Sophia Kaankuka.

IT’S YOU AFTERWARDS: Recognising the best in you (Prose -self help book 1) by Sophia Kaankuka.
GENRE: Self help/ Motivation Book
FORMAT: ebook- kindle
LANGUAGE: English (Prose)
LENGTH: 5pgs
              COVER: 3/5
              BOOK RATING: 4/5
PRICE: Rs. 107 or free with kindle Unlimited.
Prose writing is usually adopted for the description of facts or the discussion of whatever one’s thoughts are, incorporated in free flowing speech.
The crux of the self published book is YOU. Yes, YOU, Yourself! You came into this world alone & you are going back alone & on the journey called life you may meet many people who may help, support, mar you but in the end, you & only you are responsible for your decisions, actions & the outcomes.
You are the backbone of your support. The day you give up on yourself, absolutely no one comes to pull you up.
Troubles are going to come & go like clouds & rain but how you stand your ground is what that matters.
You cannot pour from an empty cup. Keep your cup full, do whatever it takes to feed your soul with peace & tranquility, your body with good health & mind with happy, stress-free thoughts. Your well-being should be your upmost priority.
I like the cover where the person is looking above him towards the light & standing all alone in the universe depicted by stars, perfectly reiterating the book. Rating 3/5 as I feel it could have been brighter.
The words are beautifully woven & seem to flow direct from the author’s heart.
It is a lovely, negligible time consuming but “apt at its task” of uplifting oneself when one needs a gentle reminder to re-align his priorities & face life’s problems with new zeal & vigour.
Rating it 4/5.
The author has written 5 books previously ( check my previous posts) & can be followed @authorkhadelskbooks on Instagram. She is also present on “goodreads”.
Her ability to weave words into beautiful meaningful lines is awesome. ( check my previous posts to enjoy the beautiful talent).
Do checkout the book on Amazon Kindle, won’t take much of your time ( maximum 15-20mins.) but would definitely reiterate the message that needs to be reminded to us all regularly, to prioritize ourselves.


Life’s Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das

Life’s Amazing Secrets ” is the debut book of #gaurgopaldas.

It’s a national bestseller.

The title says, this book helps in finding balance & purpose in your life.

It’s an imprint of #penguinrandomhouse
First published in #penguinananda by #penguinrandomhouseindia  2018.

He’s one of the most famous monks in the world & holds the title of “The Ideal Young Spiritual Guru”.
He dedicates this book to his mother, father, grandmother & sister & it says ” YOUR LOVE REMAINS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL I TRY TO DO”.

The contents begin with acknowledgements, preface & an author’s note.

It is a 194 page book excluding the two Appendix given at the end of the book; namely the Forgiveness worksheet & the Ikigai worksheet. There are total 20 chapters with the first 3 chapters giving a general overview & then the rest of the 17 chapters are divided into 4wheels, like 4wheels of a car  namely;
Personal life
Work life
Social contribution.

In the Author’s note, he talks about his purpose & how this book helped in taking his purpose to the next level.
And then about his reservations on writing a book.. . how he started getting signs.. from the universe.. which pushed him to try & be an author.

Since he travels a lot, he took a month off to meditate & look deeper into the lessons he had learnt throughout his life.
He decided to weave his interactions
with so many different individuals
in one story 
with two characters,
Harry & Lalita Iyer.
Their modern journey is the journey of many, put into one.
In the end, he says, his only PRAYER is that this book be blessed by God to bring a positive change in the lives of the readers.

Stop going through life,
Start growing through life.

If you have watched #Gaurgopaldas videos, you can understand the #calmness, the #tranquility, the #peace he brings with him and the way he narrates and makes us understand complex stuff through humour and knitting a story .

He has the unique ability to simplify difficult stuff.

noorthebookworm, my introduction & maiden post.

I have been an avid reader of books 📚through school & college.. and I rekindled my love for reading 📖again after I left my job (post MBA) to pursue & focus on my full time job as a parent!
I read 📖 many books and reread my old prized collection as a kid & narrated quite a few of them to my kid as bedtime 💤🕓stories & from here his love for books 📚also developed. He has also written a short story, his first attempt, during class breaks at school & I simply adore him for that. Would share that soon!
Well, coming back, in my excitement to share my view of the books I read, I posted the same on social media and to my surprise, two of my followers actually asked me where to buy & to refer few books that I like and they actually bought & started reading books 📚. I felt it really exhilarating. .& from here came the idea to make my view of the books, public and increase it’s reach.
Reading books is very important esp. in the current age of gadgets & unnecessary stress.
Just like exercise for the body to keep it fit(gym fitness is the rage nowadays), stimulation in the form of creative imagination, thinking, learning etc is very important to the brain and the easiest way is to read books!!

Now the question comes, which book to read, from where to buy according to your area of interest & that’s where I would like to help!

So join me in my journey of reading and sharing & subscribe to my blog to keep updated with my latest posts!

Keep your mind fit & healthy!