The enchanted wood by enid blyton

#theenchantedwood by @enidblytonofficial
#penname #marypollock

This is the first #magical #faraway #tree #story
#coverillustration by #markbeech is perfect 5/5.
#interiorillustration by #janmccafferty
1st #published in #greatbritain 1939 by #georgenewnes
#copyright #hodderandstoughton
This #edition was published by #egmontuk ltd. 2014

#printed & bound in Great Britain by #cpi  group.
#genre #fantasyfiction
Pages 210
chapters 29.
This book of #themagicalfarawaytree story series is named #theenchantedwood  by the world’s best loved children #author
It starts with an introduction to the main characters in the book, Joe beth & frannie..the they come to live in the country, although all their lives they had lived in a town..& how they found the magic wood!! The enchanted wood where everything is magical..trees talk in whispers..there’s the magical faraway tree..the folk who live there..moonface, saucepan, silky, angry pixie etc etc..the strange lands that come above the of birthdays etc etc.. the slippery slip..goblins etc etc

The book talks about the various adventures the kids have in the enchanted wood..they are soooo funny & endearing that the child within you would want to actually be able to live them!
It’s a magical, funny, full of adventures, light read for the child in you.
P. S. My kid’s fav bedtime series.
Available @amazondotin paperback ₹159/-, hardcover ₹349/-, kindle ebook ₹136.29/-. Other books in the series are;
#upthefarawaytree . “Sometimes we need a little magic”.

The Legend Of Laxmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna.

📖story/ chapter-4

The sanitary man from a sacred land. ( based on a true story).

#bookreview Part-4
Title: #thelegendoflaxmiprasad
Author: @twinklerkhanna  #twinklekhanna
#bestsellingauthor #mrsfunnybones
#cover #illustration :4/5  on point #sonalizohra
#publisher : #juggernaut @chikisarkar
#genre : #fiction
Pages: 232
Rating: 5/5
Year of release: 2016
#writing style: simple & impeccable, as always. #thesanitarymanfromasacredland
Pages: 125.
The 4th & last story in the book.
This story is about a simple man called Bablu Kewat who lived in a small town in Madhya Pradesh.
He had seen many adversities in life, being brought up by a single mother..and worked to earn a living from a very young age.
Things change, after he gets married and tries to infuse love into his relationship by surprising his wife with small small gifts regularly..and when he notices..that during #menstruation his wife stayed outdoors & used unhygienic stuff in those days..he brings her a packet of #sanitarypads which was way beyond his means..his wife refuses them saying that all ladies in the house cannot afford to use them.. And from this incident his journey to experiment..on his wife..and then on himself to make affordable sanitary pads began.. How people made fun of him..the innumerable difficulties he faced..from society.. his family .. the financial strains.. the limited know- how & technical constraints.. But nothing deterred his spirit.. And eventually after years of diligent efforts.. He became the #padman of #india .
All is well that ends well.
But this story is about a simple, fairly educated man who had concern & respect for women.. Who thought that women need not be restrained to household chores alone.. because he believed that uplifting, educating, making a women financially strong means, betterment for the entire household/ family.
Beautiful story, well written, eventually made into a superhit movie  too.. It launched a revolution in the #publicforum  with the #padmanchallenge etc.
The most important thing being, it’s inspired from a real story.
An awesome, simple read.
The book is available @amazondotin paperback, in English for ₹260/-; Hindi for ₹200/-; Gujarati for ₹200/-; Marathi for ₹199/-.

The Legend of Laxmi Prasad

#bookreview Part-1
Title: #thelegendoflaxmiprasad
Author: @twinklerkhanna  #twinklekhanna
#bestsellingauthor #mrsfunnybones
#cover #illustration :4/5  on point #sonalizohra
#publisher : #juggernaut @chikisarkar
#genre : #fiction
Pages: 232
Rating: 5/5
Year of release: 2016
Dedicated to: #akshaykumar @akshaykumar
#writing style: simple & impeccable, as always with a few new words ( meaning easily comprehendable). This book has 4 unique, beautiful stories  & each needs a review which justifies it fully, so I am going to write & post in 4 parts, this is part 1, as there’s a limit on word count on insta.  #thelegendoflaxmiprasad
Pages: 18.
In this story , a girl named Laxmi Prasad ponders over the issue that why are girls treated as a burden & sons as the VIPs.
She feels a blinding rage watching her desperate, helpless father fulfilling the demands of her sister’s inlaws endlessly, her sister being treated badly even after that & being left with her new born baby girl at her father’s house.
She, an uneducated poor young girl, finally decides that it’s only when we girls have something that people will stop treating us like we are nothing.
What does a 17year girl think of, what solution did she find & how it became a tradition in their village for years to come & the #birth of a #girl child began to be #celebrated..?? For that you will have to read  the book 

A #beautiful story .. written  amazingly in the author’s trademark style..highlighting a very important issue in our society.
#golden #mango #jardalu
#mint  Available #amazondotin for ₹260/- paperback.
Another gem  by the author.

Book review part 2

Salaam, Noni Appa
Pages: 51.
Two elderly women, sisters, Noni Appa & Binni had both reached a stage in their life where time had spiralled on to itself & like their childhood days spent playing , it was once again just the two of them against the world , having lost husbands to illnesses & children to the lure of distant lands.
Their life together had been filled with banter, silly jibes & jests which tragedies, deaths & creaking bones had left unchanged.
This is a light hearted story but it touches the burning issue nowadays of loneliness of elderly parents( single or a pair)…. & how they try to live their later life with whatever is left with them.. emotionally, physically & financially.. Would life bring a breath of fresh air in Noni appa’s life?? What would be “the end” of this story?
Is it enough to marry once & live the rest of your life alone in memory of your deceased partner?? Doesn’t one need a companion especially during the ageing years of one’s life?? If societal dictates are to be followed all the time, then will this society come to help in time of need?? Get answers to all these questions ❓& more… Read the book . It’s a beautifully woven delicate story.
Truly loved it especially the style of writing .

#bookreview part 3
If the weather permits.
Pages: 24.

This story is about a girl named Elisa Thomas. The story touches quite a few issues of our life in particular & society as a whole.
The weather forecast in the Indian Express had predicted a week of sunshine but on the day that Elisa was getting married for the 3rd time, to the same man, it began to ☔rain.
Is Indian Express incorrect in it’s weather forecast or is Elisa unlucky or is this all inauspicious (#superstition )?? Elisa Thomas, a Christian, Malayali girl married a Muslim who belonged to Bangladesh , changed her name, did 3 weddings; a simple civil ceremony, a Muslim ceremony & a church ceremony.
Points to be noted:
*she changed her name but forgot about it as soon as the wedding was over
*all she cared for during the ceremony was about the garden party as it was beginning to rain ☔. She married Javed Gazi, a groom of her choice against her parents wish ⛲ because of various reasons, one being she did not want to marry a groom of her parents choice( check excerpts from the book ). This wedding lasted only 9 months.. WHY ❓ HOW ❓you need to read  the book for that.
Societal pressure to marry.. Is it so crucial to get married especially at a particular age..?? Are #daughters a #burden even if they are independent?
This story also mildly touches the sensitive topic of #depression .
Then the story talks about her #relationships for the next 2years..& finally a marriage closed upon her by her family & how this time it had 2 ceremonies & this time the weather & forecast were perfect but still it turned out to be a disaster..& finally how Elisa died..when she had eventually decided to live all on her own, alone.. Was Elisa to be blamed for all of this or was it something else..? Her epitaph read , ” here lies Elisa, she briefly belonged to many, but truly to herself”. My least liked out of the 3 stories I read  in the book till now but it highlights some very important issues & I commend the author for bringing forth such topics which need to be discussed on #publicforum & are a very crucial part of society.
A short, decent read.. #thelegendoflaxmiprasad

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