GENRE: Ghost Fiction; Mystery & Detective/ Women Sleuths; Thrillers/ Suspense.

57 chapters, 250 pages.

#qotd  Does the name “Annabelle” ring a bell?
Do you like, a bit of spookiness, in your reads❓
The story begins in 1794. The story of CLARINDA TRELAWNEY BRAXTON.
In parallel, a story of SYLVIE ANDRUS & her 9 year old son JASON is also running, in the year 2001.
Both the stories run in consecutive chapters till they amalgamate together to end in the year 2015.

But how? And why❓
The town of RIVERTON holds many mysteries in its womb. Slyvie is trying to settle down with Jason, after a fresh divorce. She misses NED ANDRUS, her husband.
The ghost in her current house, exploits this emotion for his motive. He masks himself as Ned & she just cannot resist the familiarity & comfort.

Who is this ghost & what does he want❓
Sylvie is writing a book, on Clarinda, on her sudden, mysterious disappearance.. A painter, an artist, an enigma, a beauty..of the bygone era.

How does the ghost relate to all this❓
Jason fears the ghost & is not fooled by him. In fact he fights for his life, when he gets almost drowned. But Sylvie doesnot listen.
It’s as if, she’s POSSESSED.

As if, someone is whispering something in her ears & she’s typing like a robot..
Is this ghost harmful❓Are all of them related somehow❓Does this story have a higher purpose/ ending, than what it seems now❓

Read on & you will be pleasantly surprised.
The ending sure leaves you satiated & relieved & happy.

P. S. : You sure get some lessons to ward away ghosts, on the way!

Agatha Arch Is Afraid Of Nothing

✨”Oh, How I Loved This Book! Move Over Eleanor Oliphant—agatha Arch Is Here. And She’s The Exact Quirky, Laugh-out-loud, Feel-good Heroine Everyone In The World Needs Right Now.”
—Colleen Oakley, Critically Acclaimed Author Of You Were There Too

AGATHA ARCH IS AFRAID by @kbairokeeffe @alcovepress

Thank you @suzyapproved @netgalley for this beautiful arc.
40 chapters of a ROLLERCOASTER ride!!

Genre: General Fiction (ADULT) ; Women Fiction.

The story:
Agatha finds her husband, Dax in a compromising position with a dog walker in her shed which she shreds down to bits & pieces!
She’s got two sons, Dustin & Jason, whom she loves to the moon & back!
✨With her support system gone, she has to face her fears, which are quite a handful, all alone.
Plus she cannot digest her husband falling in love & leaving her, for someone else.
So she gets desperate & starts spying & what not!!
Amidst all this, a poor clock has to lose his life, a woodpecker keeps her company with his “tap tap tippity-tap”.

Ohh & yess, she’s a writer & DOES NOT TRUST PEOPLE WHO DON’T READ BOOKS. She became my fav. just then!!
She quotes awesome writers like Virginia Woolf, throughout her story.
She talks about Facebook moms groups & about her therapist who helps her sort out her thoughts, which are a mess.
She also hints at women empowerment. What if all women started hinting down sheds to be even with their husband’s infidelity?! Men would surely not like that.

✨She also says, writing always saves her..from falling apart. When she had a miscarriage or her 4th book flopped..

✨There are so many tit-bits that I have underlines in this beautiful, uplifting, funny, tearing story of Agatha..

✨Not an easy read but once you get a knack of the writing style, there’s no looking back! 
✨HILARIOUS and HEARTBREAKING, FRESH and WISE, and QUIRKY as can be. The talented Kristin Bair introduces us to the TOUCHINGLY NEUROTIC AGATHA ARCH—a woman who LOVES TOO MUCH AND FEARS TOO MUCH, and is on the hunt to discover her own singular power.
If you love Bridget and Bernadette, please meet Agatha. I loved her, and you will, too.” 
—Hank Phillippi Ryan, USA Today Bestselling author of The First to Lie 

My Dad My Dog.

PRE- ORDER NOW!! Releases 19th Nov. 2020.
✨This book will always be close to my ❤heart, personally..
 This is the story of
Rachel Morgan, the protagonist;
her dad, Joe;
her dog, Nick &
her husband David.

✨It is influenced by REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES & JOE- NICK are Real Life Characters, wherein even their actual names have been retained in the story.

✨The story is about losing our loved ones,
the physical-mental-emotional care in the later years of their life,
the emotional connect,
the financial aspect
& the feelings..

✨Losing a parent is one of the most difficult of experiences in life..
and.. losing your pet..ur dog is without doubt overwhelming.

What is surprising..is the paradox..that a human & dog can behave & feel & experience similarities before moving on to their journey, leaving this mortal world..

It also throws light on the importance of a supportive partner..
#qotd What is life? Why do we read books? Why do we spend time with our loved ones?
#aotd It’s all about feelings, the experiences & making memories.
 This story will make you laugh, make you cry, engulf you in unconditional love, will open a plethora of emotions, will also give you a reality check..
it will leave you satiated, with a peaceful feeling & calm lingering all over you..
‍鈴 Few years back I lost my paternal grandfather, while he was in a health care facility, in USA.. similar to JOE, he was losing his memory.. I always wondered, if he had been home..had it been better..

Then I lost my maternal grandmother, few months back, (in India) she was cared for, at home.. I visited her many times & wondered how difficult it is for both the patient & the caregiver, physically & emotionally.. how stressful & taxing it can get.. We lost her, she went on her journey calmly in the presence of her dear ones..

I have always had a pet dog, along my journey/ life.. Losing them is the most difficult part.. The emotions, the struggle, the symptoms, the behavior..everything that the author has depicted with utmost sincerity, are so in tandem with what I went through..
I applaud the author for helping me release the emotions, I had held on to for precious life, all these years, for fear of losing on the memories of my loved ones.. This read helped me accept & move on, gave me calm & peace & serenity at heart..
✨A beautiful heart-touching story, narrated with utmost care & written with sincerity in a simple but effective writing style.

Do READ it to experience LIFE, hands on!!


LIE, LIE AGAIN. Genre: Adult fiction, women fiction.

Releasing 01.01.2021
“Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again.”–

LIE, LIE AGAIN- a novel.
by @stacywise

Nooo it’s not a thriller, atleast that’s what I feel..!
Yess, there’s a DEAD BODY & we keep on GUESSING THE VICTIM & the murderer, till the very end..but it was MORE OF AN ENTERTAINING READ for me, something like experiencing DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, first hand!!
 366 pages & 42 chapters.

It was be a FUN RIDE, with DETAILED CHARACTER SKETCH, spicy mix of happenings & some adult stuff.

And it doesn’t feel, any bit lengthy, you just go with the flow & want more!
✨STACY WISE is the author of Beyond the Stars, winner of the 2017 YARWA Athena Award, and Maybe Someone Like You, winner of the 2019 YARWA Athena Award.
 The story begins on March 20th, with three women, Sylvia Webb, Riki McFarlan & Embry Taylor. They are neighbours & how their lives intersect, is a fun to watch & experience.

There’s a dead body lying in the viscinty, of whom & why, is a mystery we keep on solving till the very end.

The trio, each one of them, is a totally different person, with a different personality & completely different life.

✨While SYLVIA is a go- getter, cunning like a fox, RIKI is a simple school teacher having secret fantasies for Embry’s husband and EMBRY is a simple housewife with deep, embedded dreams, with two kids & third on the way!


✨Lies, secrets, and revenge. For three neighbors with stakes so high, someone is headed for a downfall.

The story begins March 20th & then does a full circle with dates mentioned along with & detailed happenings in the lives of the trio, till we reach the end of the book.

✨This book is not as much about the destination/ the end, as it is about the journey..the ride, the experience..atleast for me.

✨I had a great time reading it & enjoyed the spicy mix!
All three women who live at 1054 Mockingbird Lane have secrets…and with a body at the bottom of their apartment building’s staircase, those secrets need to stay buried.

Sylvia Webb has a plan. And a potential Mr. Right. He’s sweet, simple, and dependably clueless about what she’s up to. The only thing unpredictable about him is his needy ex-girlfriend, who is this close to shattering Sylvia’s dreams. But Sylvia’s not going to let that happen.

Riki McFarlan has a good career and an amazing boyfriend who wants to settle down. If only she didn’t have feelings for her neighbor—who happens to be her close friend’s husband. With everything going so right, why is Riki flirting with something so wrong, so…dangerous?

Embry Taylor is as devoted to her children as she is to her husband, who’s a bartender by night, an aspiring actor by day. She is his biggest fan. But with his career not taking off and tensions high, even sweet Embry has something she’s desperate to keep hidden.

Lies, secrets, and revenge. For three neighbors with stakes so high, someone is headed for a downfall.
“On Mockingbird Lane everyone has a compelling reason to lie. For three young women, all neighbors in a cozy apartment complex, secret yearnings and dark desires become the ties that bind them tightly together. Mistrust and misunderstandings thicken the plot–with fatal consequences. Readers who enjoy claustrophobic tension with a sexy sizzle will find themselves racing to finish Lie, Lie Again. —-

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