Pre order now! A cozy mystery.


Releases 19th Jan. 2021

❤️ Do you believe the world’s not as it seems & do you love to attentively & keenly observe people❓

 Are you an #agathachristie fan❓

濾  Do you love a cozy mystery❓

 If ans to any of these is a yes, READ ON!

This one is the 4th installment in the ALLIE COBB MYSTERY BOOKS.

Can be totally read as a standalone.

Simple language, fast paced, it winds up in 28 chapters.

The protagonist, Allie is a literary agent and has solved 3 murders in less than 2 years but the last one has left her emotionally drained.
She resolved not to involve herself in any more of this sleuth business. She lives with her cat, Ursula. The location is Indiana.

As destiny would have it, a body is found in the area & she gets herself involved this time too.

Mom of a girl, who was went absconding 20 years ago, comes up to Allie asking for her help and she couldn’t say no… being the kind hearted person that she is.

The mystery keeps one on the toes and teaches us a life lesson or two in the process.

Read it if you looking for a quick, interesting, heart whelming story cum mystery (cozy).
It reminded me of Nancy Drew  reading days.

Did you know❓
A grasshopper can only jump forward!
According to legend, it denotes us to jump forward w/out fear onto the next chapter of our lives.

That’s the Myth associated with the grasshopper.. if it lands near your foot.

Parting thoughts..
Never forget the lost loved ones, no matter how long they have been gone.. We need to keep em in our hearts and mind..


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