During the day I don’t believe in ghosts.. At night, I am a little more open-minded!

@deepnaskar_ @24by7publishing

🕳 118 pages, 11 short stories.

🌸 Do you like to read/ watch paranormal/ horror/ fantasy fiction❓

If yes, then you are in for a treat!

🕳 These short stories had me glued! scared the hell out of me.. gave me goosebumps.. they messed up with my brain wiring.. n had a strong hangover.
I LOVED em!!

🕳 These stories had beings, happenings, phenomenon which are beyond the realm of scientific understanding and explanation, of the natural world. They waver somewhere between real and surreal, a misty place which should not be treaded even in nightmares.

🕳 Although each story belongs to the same genre, still they are so unique and fun to imagine & experience. It’s like watching 11 different chaotic_scary_intriguing stories, back to back! In the end, you are wasted and lost!

🕳 The basic premise is FEAR. Fear of the unknown and the author has tapped it wonderfully.

🕳 Writing short stories is a tight rope walk and writing 11 magnetic short stories is not eating a piece of cake. Its tough. Applaud the author for that.

Have you ever feared rain❓
Have you ever feared,as a child, being left out, alone at school❓
Do you think something wierd can happen when you travel alone, to an unknown place❓
Have you ever feared your reflection or shadow❓
⛳not giving any more spoilers, read it to enjoy it fully!!

4/5 for the storyline.



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