Food and faith.

Genre: Food & Spirituality.
FOOD AND FAITH explores the powerful yet intimate intertwining of food with faith, history, myth and identity.

A very interesting combination, indeed.

FAITH in general, gives us strength, irrespective of the religion we belong to, or the teachings we follow.

The author, visits 15 pilgrimage or iconic places of worship in India. She decodes the history, the myths & the lore, the practices & traditions and also brings into light the special (sacred)food associated with them, adding her own personal experiences, her thoughts, her inquisitive mind- asking questions & answering them herself.

✍️Shoba Narayan is an award- winning author & columnist who writes about food, travel, fashion, art and culture.

It’s an 270+ pages read .

A very detailed read, with descriptive write up on the place & everything associated with it.

I loved the parts where the author brings in her own experiences, her thoughts, her views & opinions.

There’s an index, for ease, at the end.

The writing style is not for beginners with quite some words which add to your vocab.
It’s chirpy, bubbly, oozing with energy & human curiosity & dilemmas.

From Udipi to Kashi, Ajmer to Palani, Mumbai to Madurai, Jaipur to Goa, Thiruvananthapuram to Amritsar, Puri to Kumbh Mela and Kerala to Patan & Mathura- it covers the length & breadth of the country, literally!

 After reading this book, you would have gained more knowledge about your own religion & of other faiths, more wisdom on the history, practices, teachings & Prasad. Also you may have got few answers to the the various webs of thought in your mind regarding faith, spirituality & religion.
The human mind is an inquisitive, question bank. The author covers her questions brilliantly, in the book & brain storms for answers, perfectly.

It helped me gain insight on a lot of things which were alien to me before. ______

What is the role of spirituality in your life?
Is religion a part of your identity or does it make you uncomfortable?
Do you pray? Do you follow rituals to pray? I
Is the food  given at the “place of faith” sacred to you?

P. S. : The author has accepted that while  a few other faiths make cameo appearances, this is largely a book on Hinduism.
totally agree & felt it throughout the read. Nonetheless, I loved devouring it at a snail’s pace, absorbing everything, gradually.

READ IT to gain wider insight on the man-made religions & traditions and find some answers to the questions which have always troubled your mind.

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