The Butterfly 🦋Effect

曆IMAGINE yourself in a dome.. With a beautiful sunrise, the space starts getting warm anddd.. 300 butterflies awaken from the crevices of rocks, floor, greenery..
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT is an UNCONVENTIONAL tale of SELF-DISCOVERY, NAVIGATING RELATIONSHIPS, and how sometimes it takes stepping outside of our comfort zone to find what we need the most.

✨Happy Pub Day!

Genre: Women Fiction
28 chapters!

a fantastic new release!!
P. S. Check the blurb in the adjacent slide.

This read is as normal & real as it can get to humans & their relationships
as wierd, uncomfortable it can be✨

曆The book is beautifully formatted with an AFTERWARD which left me EMOTIONAL, Acknowledgements which I Loved going through & Reading Group Discussion Questions which Left Me Pondering for quite sometime.
✨GRETA & DANNY are twins who see the world differently.

✨GRETA is independent & loves insects, is passionate abt her work.
Her RELATIONSHIP/ PRIORITIES CHANGE with her brother, her mother & SISTER-IN-LAW during the course of the read, how & why, it’s very interesting to note  a JOURNEY OF Self-esteem DISCOVERY.

✨The story also talks about SUPPORT, from Formal Support Groups & how’s it diff. from support from friends.
 If you loved

A Man Called Ove,

you’ll surely love the butterfly effect

曆 of our dear Greta!
Relationships & bonds, human nature & emotional support, wit & humor emotions & chaos– it has it all!!

Do read it, I promise, there won’t be a moment of dullness, ever!!

Are you an extrovert or an introvert ❓
Are you a social animal❓
Do you consider yourself wierd/ different from others❓
Is it easy for you to accept new relations like sister-in-law❓
Have you had a tussle with your parents ever❓
Are you uncomfortable at funerals or even gatherings❓

If you said “yes” to any of these , please do read the book .

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