Those delicious letters

#qotd❤️ Have you ever received Inland Letters?
This COVER is amazing & very close to my heart. It brought back beautiful memories of my communication with my grandpa in the USA.

Email wasn’t that common in those days, & we had so much to share, so we sent each other long long letters, not leaving even a tiny spec of space empty.

Now that he is no more, they form a precious part of my remembrance of him.

Also he had an amazing stamp collection, which he gave me, along with few picture postcards, when he left India.

 what you will FIND in the book?

✨confused emotions of a 40 year old woman/ MIDDLE-LIFE CRISIS
✨RELATIONS between
mom & adolescent kids
✨health of MARRIAGE (after 18years) when husband is neck deep in work
✨bengal & BENGALIS
✨although 257 pages/ 12 chapters, the writing style makes it feel like a QUICK, LIGHT READ
✨kitchen blunders
✨how FACEBOOK once had every update of our life
✨RECIPIES, yess!!

what did I LEARN from the read?

✨relations & people are not exactly, how they may seem on the surface

✨a small gesture of love can soothen a great heartache

✨sometimes we need only an iota of hope & encouragement to see the light

✨learn to let go

✨happiness & joy, are right inside us, don’t search them anywhere else!

The entire book was an ENJOYABLE, EMOTIONAL, at times- a FUNNY ride, sometimes an unsolved puzzle 里& at times, clear like rain water.

The end, was FABULOUS, to say the least.

a PERFECT, LIGHT, INSPIRINGread in these stressful times.

P. S. : CHECK THE IMAGES for blurb & author details, she’s been a popular blogger for >10years, this is her 2nd book with @harpercollinsin


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